Here at the Animal Cove we have many amazing products to keep your furry friends, happy, and healthy.  I have personally selected every toy and every treat to ensure the highest quality that you have come to trust us for.  Our products range from all holistic natural dog foods, joint care formulas and medications, oral health, skin and coat, and hundreds more to choose from.  If you want it we’ve got it.


We specialize in ‘pet holistics’. You will know if your companion has any of these issues by noticing any of the following symptoms:

  • Excessive scratching
  • Re-occurring ear infections
  • Constant licking of the paws or groin area
  • Excessive body odor,  (outside of ‘Normal’ dog smell)
  • Losing fur
  • Bald patches or redness to the skin
  • Eye tearing

If your pooch shows one or more of the above symptoms, do not hesitate to come in and speak to Kelly or one of our pet care specialists.  We have a 100% gurantee when it comes to dealing with these issues. There is virtually no health problem we can’t help you fix.  So don’t hesitate, get your pet off the expensive ‘Meds’ from the vet and lets work towards healing your pets through proper nutrition.



We have one hundred feet of super premiem pet foods. Do not be fooled by NO NAME brands you haven’t heard of. Dog food companys pop up constantly out of no where with virtually no research to speak of or piggy backing of the hard work of others. All of the food we carry is at the top of the spectrum.  You will not find any GARBAGE FOODS in my store.  It is truly buyer beware. Many company’s claim to have a Canadian made product with Canadian grown ingrediants and whole meats but do not kid yourself, many of them are not Canadian that make those claims. Once you do the research you will typically find that the ingrediants are all souced from the cheapest vedors possible and they do NOT have you pets interest at heart in creating their products. So please do not hesitate to bring any dog food label in and I will review it with you and then help you make a smooth transition to a better food that will keep your pet healthy for years to come.